Friday, June 19, 2015

New Calendar Toppers, Hybrid Project and More!

Lisa-Lisa here, from The Cherry On Top.  Dagi and I teamed up for this blog featuring Dagi's brand new Calendar Topper templates.  Put two minds together and you've got some amazing creativity and all kinds of ideas to make your projects awesome.

Let's take a look at the new templates that you can purchase exclusively at Ginger Scraps.


So, the idea is that you take these templates and they are the photographic, top part of your traditional style calendar and you keep the graph calendar with days and dates at the bottom.  Like this one I found. (Click on the image to get to calendarcraze, then click on the image there and save to downloads.)


Here's a look at what the ladies have done with their topper templates.

This is what Dagi did with Paty Greif Digital Designers Kit, Little Sailor.  You can find it here.  
This page is all ready to print! The link for this calendar is hooked up to the image below.

 calendar link
This is an example of the template being used for a regular scrappy layout.  Pretty cool, huh?! How literal do you take your templates?  My favourite part about templates are their amazing diversity.  Before I even start clipping in papers, I adjust, delete, enlarge and make all kinds of modifications to the basic template and then I get started.  These Calendar Toppers can be used as a traditional template as well.  Make any kind of layout you like and just leave off the month or replace the month with a title or nifty word art.

I took these templates to a different level, adding a small, monthly calendar to each of my pages.  I've printed them out, back to back, on good quality card stock and made each family member their very own calendar, for Christmas.  I did this a couple of years back and they all really enjoyed it.  I still see the calendars around their homes even though they are out of date!  If you want to see more, I've got the entire hybrid project on my blog, The Cherry On Top along with links, a tutorial and other creative ways to assemble your calendar.



Free Template

Dagi is sponsoring June's template challenge at Gingerscraps.  Click on the image to get to the forum and download this free template and join in on the fun.

 GS forum

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Happy scrapping!

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