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Scr-app-tastic info about app scrapping! by Kristina

Hi everyone! Kristina here! I am a member of Dagi’s Creative Team, and today I am writing up this informational post because these templates were a special request of mine! 

I am so excited to have these templates from Dagi and plan to use them to be more efficient in my scrapping process. Let me start off with an introduction to the “what and why” about App Scrapping, then I’ll share several links for more information, and then I’ll get down to the heart of why I requested these templates, and how I plan to make them work for more efficiency. It will be long… but please hang in there. I promise it’s a fun story!

In the day and age of all things digital, I am finding more and more of my time spent online, and on my smartphone and electronic devices. More and more things to do, more and more things to read, life gets crazy, and I find less and less time to actually sit in front of my computer (*another* device) to scrapbook. I find myself drawn to the tools I have available to me constantly – my phone or tablet, for instance – to do the creative things I feel I’m missing from the computer – like scrapbooking. 

By now, most people have heard of Project Life, a fun method of documenting your everyday in a simple, uncomplicated way. It was designed by Becky Higgins, who is a well-known name in the creative space… she began the trend of “pocket style scrapbooking” with the physical aspect of Project Life. It moved from physical, to digital – you can now find at least one set of pocket cards in almost all designers’ stores; template designers have spots for them on their templates; etc.. (Project Life kits are also available in digital form from Becky’s website.) As more and more companies move to having their products easily accessible from just about any type of device, scrapbooking is no different. There are a few scrapbooking apps you can grab from the app store of your platform. They are not quite the equivalent of having a full suite of Photoshop tools in the palm of your hand, but they are coming further and further along. 

About three years ago, Becky’s team released the “Project Life app” for apple devices… those owning an iPhone were able to pocket scrap layouts in minutes! It took an additional 18 months or so before the Project Life app was introduced to the android platform (Google Play store). There are a handful of other notable apps, and I would never claim to know them all. Project Life is the one I use most, and I am using an android device.

So you see, the world is on the move to a more digital age, including apps, and scrapbooking is not one to be left behind, so we get to where we are now: a handful of apps that work to scrapbook on your phone or tablet, whether android or iOS, and a new term is coined… App Scrapping.

I love having the ability to scrap on my phone because… what else do you do while you wait for a doctor’s appointment? 30 minute lunch break from work? Maybe you have limited access to a computer, so you need your process to be faster? All of these reasons apply to myself, and countless others. So, I’m drawn to the apps to be able to tell my story using the times I have to tell them. 

Project Life was intended to be simple, and that is what it is. The app is very self-explanatory when you are in it – literally just pick an available card and put it in a spot, and do the same with your photos that you take. If it’s a journaling card you chose, you can write on it… tell the story. Use the “talk to text” feature if you want to. Because of this simplicity, you go quickly… and you can do it anywhere. The app does not require an internet connection or wifi access to be able to make a layout (only to download card kits you purchase in the app). So when you are waiting that extra 45 minutes in the doctor’s office because THEY are late, you could have maybe told five stories by pocket layouts. 

….still with me? That was a long history lesson, and a few reasons WHY I use it. Here are several links to various blogs and tutorials…

*If you want to learn more about the Project Life App– physical, digital are here, too – Becky’s website is HERE

*HERE is a fantastic suite of tutorials on The Daily Digi (where I first learned!). The writer of these posts, Steph Clay, has since moved on to kicking off her own business – Modern Photo Solutions – based on the subject of photos on your phone, and scrapbooking those memories. (I’ve heard the classes are awesome, but I can’t speak from experience). 

*HERE is one about mobile workflow for longer projects (I currently have a few of these types of projects going) from Scrapaneers – coincidently, there is another class about app scrapping offered at Scrapaneers that I have (unfortunately) not taken.

*and then some blog posts about photo collages on pages – HERE and HERE.

So this sounds awesome, yes? Here’s my problem… I am not 100% a fan of pocket style layouts. I prefer messier… more embellished layouts. The arranging of the elements to suit my page is probably one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking. So here I have this app which really helps me get the stories on the page – which is WHY I scrapbook – but is still missing part of the fun for me. Other apps will allow me to embellish on my device, and I do use those also sometimes. There are some drawbacks, however, such as device storage issues, screens are much smaller (fine details are too hard to see, or my fingers are too big!), and the resolution on those other apps can be an obstacle. I struggle to see something for what it *could be* versus what it is a lot of the time, so I love templates for giving me a jumping off point. I use them to give me a general idea of where I can start my element clusters (or *my favorite* clip lots of papers… seriously, I love papers). I guess I’ve come to depend on them for helping get through the fun parts more quickly, so I can do more. 

Since I struggle to see the Project Life app for something other than pocket scrapping, but I know it can be done, I needed templates. I knew I wanted some that would allow me to scrap stories in the app when I have time, but also to “finish” the layouts on the computer…. I searched through my templates to see what I had or could “fix” for app scrapping purposes, but didn’t have much selection. I still need the process to be fast, so I needed Dagi to make some templates.

Finally…. How I plan to use the templates. The actual using of templates is no different than any other template. Open in your editing program, scrap as usual. The efficiency gain, for me, is that I will now have templates designed specifically for taking a layout I start in an app, and move it to a more traditional style looking layout. I can then add elements and papers very quickly and make them more… “me”. Here are a couple examples… 

Here is my 6x8 photo… I made this layout in the Project Life app, using a photo, a journal card (green) and two filler cards (yellow and blue)… I journaled in the app, and then finally exported the 6x8 as a photo. Now, instead of one photo of my son, I now have one photo of my son with 3 additional journal cards lined up perfectly. It took me the amount of time to select the cards, and put the photo in a spot, and write the journaling… maybe 15 minutes, depending on how long I “lollygagged”…. And it was done while I was sitting in the waiting room of my daughter’s gymnastics class.

With this new template set Scr-APP-tastic 1, I turned it into this full layout. I added the papers, elements, and a large title. Done… this took maybe another 20 or so, arranging the embellishments to suit me! Since a normal page with a template can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how long I keep trying to arrange and tweak… 35 minutes to a completed layout is still a time saver for me. Not only did I tell my story, I also got to play when I got back to having some computer time.

*full credits: Project Life in-app purchase “super boy” card kit; Scr-APP-tastic 1 template by Dagi’s Temp-tations; “Edgy” Papers, “Little School” elements and “Snippets 2” alpha by Kate Hadfield Designs

Here is an example of using these templates as normal, no app scrapping. I did make the 4x6 photo in the app, but because that’s ALL I did, it didn’t really speed up my scrapping process. Truthfully, you can add an overlay to a photo in Photoshop or other program just as quickly as I did in the app… 

*full credits: Photo Overlay from Project Life in-app purchase of “Currently” overlay by Liz Tamanaha; Scr-APP-tastic template by Dagi’s temptations; Storyteller Riley stacked cards and Christmas mini by Just Jaimee

And lastly… I actually made this 6x8 photo by putting two 4x6 collaged photos together…

…and then put it into one of Dagi’s templates:

*full credits: Font: Tragic Marker; Scr-APP-tastic template by Dagi’s Temp-Tations; “Weekend at Home” kit by Kate Hadfield Designs

This layout took me about 20 minutes to select which photos I wanted to use, and get them placed into the collage in the right places. Then, when I got to my computer, it took me just a little bit of time to decide which kit to use, and type up my journaling. (Pro-Tip: having the journaling pre-typed and saved in some format of easily copying/pasting makes this step super quick, too!) All in all, I probably spent 40 minutes. This one would have taken me quite a bit longer to put together on the computer, because of sizing down the photos to the right size, and lining them up. The app did all of that work for me, so I still think 40 minutes for this layout is a huge success! 

So… I know this post was incredibly long, but I hope you have learned about something you maybe didn’t know about. If you did already know about this app, maybe you have thought up a few ideas of how you might enjoy the app in other ways, and transitioning those app layouts to non-app layouts…. If you want to. I know I will be using this template series from Dagi quite a bit for my scrapping! 

One last link – if you feel like you want to mingle with a group of women that enjoy scrapping with the Project Life app, we have a couple groups on Facebook for App Scrapping! This main group has tutorial videos you can sift through, files to learn from, and many, many members who love to help others, share their lives, and inspire creativity… all in the palms of our hands! Request to join our App Scrappers group! There is a sister group that is app only layouts, and another that is app/computer digital kit layouts you can find if you find you like the idea of blending the app and computer scrapbooking. 

What do you think about App-Scrapping? Do you think it will be something you try, or that you already love?! Any other tips/resources you think I have forgotten?? Let me know in the comments!

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